Questions and Answers


Summer Camps:

If you manage the air travel for participants, what would be the total cost of programme including ticket?
• The programme cost for 4 weeks is €2,490. Travel plus programme will cost 2,690 per person for participants in EEA countries and €3,490 for non EEA participants. There may be discount if up to 6 students are travelling from the same Airport and same day.

Is the programme open to participants from different background?
• The programme is open to international students from all works of life
How many hours of language classes per week?
• The programme provides 10 to 15 hours of language training per week; Monday-Friday.

What other activities are provided in the programme?

  • Sport & Fitness activities such as, basketball, horse riding, table tennis, volleyball, Gymnastics, etc
  • Theatre performance, Art, Dance, voice training
  • Personal Development / Digital Media workshops
  • Oportpunity to join and interact with local Irish summer camp participants.
  • Tours / excursions to historical sites in Drogheda and other parts of Ireland

Could my child do less than four weeks?

• Yes, there is provision for participants wishing to stay two, three, or more than four weeks. Please see timetable for price list.

What quality of teaching is expected from this programme?
• The summer programme offers a great introduction to conversational Language learning through an immersion experience that children will never forget.
• Teaching through fun, games, arts & craft, role-play, audio tape, DVD and CDs.
• Tutors/facilitators are qualified and Garda (Police) vetted
• Teens/Adult classes are separately organised to cover comprehensive classes ranging from conversational, vocabulary, comprehension, and grammar
• Participants will be provided with a certificate of attendance at the end of the programme.


If my child has problem with host family, can I request for transfer into another host family?
• We can transfer a child to another host family if there are issues with the host family that may pose danger to participant.

Will my child be placed in host family with children of same or similar age with my child?
• Participants are placed in host families that have children of the same/similar ages to help them feel warm and included while improving on their English language.

Can I have access with my child while he/she is with host family?
• Parents are free to contact and speak with their children by any means (e.g. telephone, Skype etc). Parents are required to let us know which means they prefer so we can check with the host family if they have the facility.

Who should I contact if I have any issue about programme or Host family?
• Participants /Parents should contact/update with programme Coordinator: Flora Okobi on +353 41 9865025 /353 87 1314312 if there is any concerns or issues during their stay with host families or in the camp.

Can my child visit or have a sleep over in my relation / friend’s home in Ireland?
• Participant’s period of stay with host family is Monday-Sunday all through the programme. Participant can be allowed to visit or sleep over outside host family’s home at any stage, provided parents provide us with a consent letter and details of the person concerned.

What is the guarantee that my child will be well catered for?
• The programme provides insurance cover for participants
• Host families are experienced, well selected and Garda (Police) vetted.

What are my child’s entitlements in the host family?
In the host family’s home, your child is entitled to:
• One room to himself/herself (let us know if you prefer your child to share room with host family’s child)
• 3 meals per day – Breakfast, Lunch and dinner
• Laundry services
• Travel (to and fro the summer camp venue)
• Weekly social outing/tour with the host family

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