Intercultural Mediation

The core of intercultural mediation effort is to bring about a level playing field for reconciling cultural conflicts. This in effect is the elimination of attitudes/feelings of superiority/inferiority in the business of social interactions.

What is Intercultural Mediation?

Intercultural mediation is a dynamic process through which a professionally trained intercultural mediator or a bi-cultural link worker acts as a cultural broker between service providers and clients from minority ethnic backgrounds to assist both to reach a common understanding which leads to a more satisfactory outcomes in service provision and use.

Why the Process?

The core of intercultural mediation is to bring about a level playing field for reconciling cultural conflicts. Once there is linkage/common space/connection between mainstream and new communities, disadvantaged groups would feel more connected and participate fully within the larger community.

How can we be of help to you?

  • We can act as a communication link between service providers and the minority ethnic users of services
  • Facilitate access to services by providing information to minority ethnic users
  • Support and encourage minority ethnic clients so that they can promote their own needs and interests when using services
  • Help service providers to understand the norms and values of other cultures
  • Deliver training and awareness sessions for service providers and members of the minority ethnic population
  • Assist in the development of culturally appropriate health information and promotion material.

Specific areas we assist you:

  • Facilitate communication between health care teams and minority ethnic patients in understanding the causes and treatment of a particular illness
  • Assist families from minority ethnic backgrounds who have a relative with a disability to address the cultural aspects involved and to use available services
  • Ease the interaction between social workers and minority ethnic clients when addressing parenting, childcare or other issues
  • Help and support foster parents caring for a child from a minority ethnic background to maintain the child’s cultural identity.
  • Facilitate communication between the Gardai and clients from ethnic minority backgrounds where there may be issues of trust due to experience in their country of origin,


  • Hospitals
  • Health care settings
  • Social Work departments,
  • Schools
  • The probation services
  • Garda Stations
  • Workplace