In addition to improving students’ skills in our programmes, we also offer unbeatable hospitality in all the three camps:

  • Accommodation is provided in our local Host Families homes
  • Airport transfers at the beginning and end of your programme

Courses are designed to offer maximum flexibility and constant exposure to language learning during the time spent with us. No matter what level you are starting from, learning English language in our centre will leave you with a huge improvement in your language – and special memories that will stay with students all through their lifetime.

Details of Course and accommodation prices

Age Course price (€) Accommodation (€) Homestay (€) Airport fee(€)
Young learner summer camp 9-12 350 220 300 100
Teens camp 13-17 400 220 /wk 350 100
Young adults 18-24 450 250/wk 380 100
  • Course fee per week
  • Accommodation: Irish host family + meals
  • Homestay: no Courses
  • 6 hour Classes & Activities; 10:00 – 16:00, Monday to Friday
  • Weekly social trips to local historical sites
  •  Opportunity to join and interact with local (Irish) summer camp
  • Airport pick up and drop off


We provide accommodation to our students in a local host family’s home usually with a child of same/similar age or with another student of a different nationality. A homestay affords students the opportunity of living with an Irish host families who could be a retired couple, a single-parent family, divorced, widowed individual, or a traditional family. They may be young or older, with or without children, different race or religion. Whatever may be their status, they are careful selected and also known for their warmth and hospitality.

Homestay accommodation provides students with a great sense of security and exposure to a rich variety of cultural learning opportunities, such as family activities, holiday celebrations, religious practices, sporting events, etc. Due to interaction with host families, students always have the opportunity of improving their language skills faster. The greatest of all the benefits is the lasting relationship that is usually created between students and families as a result of the stay.